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We Help You Create a Dynamic Music Artist App for VR

For Artists and Producers

Why are you releasing a song with just one version of the guitar solo?

Why does a listener only get to hear something new the first time they play your song?

Why are you not updating your recording when you think of a new idea?

Why is your audio not spatial over a 360 degree sphere instead of just stereo?

Don’t just release another static recording. Put out something people will talk about. And, on top of all that, release it for VR.

We provide custom development of a VR Artist App with your dynamic music on a budget comparable to a traditional indie record. It’s best for us to be involved early on in your project. Matt will start by consulting with you to discuss what dynamism and interactivity you’d like to have be part of your release. Then, he’ll work with you (or your recording engineer) to organize the audio into static stems and dynamic clips for use in the Artist App. We can use the graphic assets you would normally create for album packaging, promotions, and branding. These are combined with our in-house developed libraries and frameworks to create an interactive music experience. We use the Unity3D gaming engine to provide the visuals, enhance the experience, build for VR, and make it available across platforms.

In addition to the initial product work, we can provide special services such as handling establishment and management of your app store account and developing updates to your existing Artist Apps. We can discuss extended features such as in-app purchases, two-way communication with fans via notifications, and subscription based products. If this all sounds strange to you, feel free to contact us and we’ll fill you in on the details.