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Zaramela has released Girl as a dynamic, interactive track in an Artist App. This app also includes their concept album, Realized.

As you listen to Girl, make choices about which performance you want to hear next. Want to hear a synth backing the featured performance by ProbCause? Or, maybe check out what Jameson did on guitar instead?

This app also includes Realized, the creative and collaborative project that serves as the release of Zaramela’s 3rd studio album. The player for Realized has a special interface designed to represent the cyclical, seasonal theme of the record.

Releasing as an app means Zaramela can update their recordings without pushing out remixes. New guitar part? New vocal? New featured artist? They can become interactive options folded into the same mix. Try doing that with a traditional record.

Plus, Girl has additional elements you can tap to learn about the band. Those, too, can be updated over time. Imagine album liner notes which are always changing. Awesome.

Dynamic Music Engine Developer: Matt Fredrickson at Volcanoes for Hire
Producer: Zak Fox Jablow for Professor Fox Productions
Mixing: Matt Hennessy at VSOP Productions
Management: Rockstone Unlimited
UI Design: Donovan Tolledo




theSilentSamples is among the first artists in the world to release music exclusively through an app, which allows for the songs to be dynamic, interactive, and updated.

Songs are not recordings. Songs are compositions. It’s why we want to hear artists perform them live, to hear them interpreted in the moment. There is no “rewind” or “fast forward” in real life, or in the enjoyment of art. In this spirt, the songs in this app may be noticeably different each time you listen to them.

You won’t have to “perform” the music. Even if you do nothing, the app will still provide a dynamic listening experience. You simply have the option to conduct the course of the music now and then. Want to hear the upcoming riff played on piano? Hit the icon when it pops up.

Another key advantage of releasing music this way is that both the songs and the app can evolve. Through updates new instruments, vocals, or beats may be added to the fabric of dynamic possibilities. Plans are in place to have guest performers in updates, so you may hear a completely new vocal, for example. There may even be new methods imagined for interacting with the songs.

This release contains two songs, “Houdini” and “Some People”.

Headphones are recommended.


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